End-user's Choice of Materials.

As you may know, we at DigiFabster try to analyze end-users' behavior to, firstly, improve his experience and consequently your conversion rate and, secondly, to share insights in those cases where we need your help to do that.

Roughly 10% of the visitors who make it to the second step of your widget, where they should select material and execution for their models, click the "ask for help" link instead.

These 10% probably represent a much bigger portion of visitors who just leave the widget when they don't understand how to proceed.

Originally the link was created to help people whose models were too big, too small, or too badly drawn to get a straightforward quote, so they could contact you directly. However, what happens is that in the biggest number of cases (57% at the last count) the model file itself is NOT the issue, but the reason lies in the choice of materials and execution.
In a pie chart:

In the new Material Settings we have built in a very detailed presentation of options, there are much more possibilities to explain exactly what material you are offering, up to and including the OEM material spec sheets. In the version that we are testing right now (December 2016), this spec sheet comes in the form of the manufacturer's data sheet URL, but you can change the URL to one which contains your own description.

What we would recommend: Use all available options: copy the official material name, like PA2200, in the field called "Display name" add a description in your own words in the field "Note for user", and use the manufacturer's data sheet, after checking if it's still up-to-date and correct.

You would be surprised at the number of people who know exactly what material they want, like the PA2200 mentioned above, but can't find it because they only see a description like "strong and stiff plastic".

Long story short: Please do take a step back from your site,
have a look at how your widget presents the options from an end-user's point of view, and take an extra minute to improve that presentation. It will save you lots of hassle and, more importantly, increase your conversion success rate significantly.

Meanwhile we will be monitoring how conversion rate climbs up as the New Material Settings get implemented by more and more users.