(D. R. Jones a.k.a. D. Bowie, 1971)

Constantine and I again were at the TCT in Birmingham this year, and it was an eye-opener, at least for me. I don’t have the vision Constantine has, I’m more of a nuts-and-bolts kind of guy, but even I could feel the wind of change. Whereas last year the first question when cold-pitching to co-exhibitors was “Why should I need a thingy like that”, this year the average reaction was: “Wow, that’s what we’ve been looking for”.

Going back to the nuts and bolts, and interpreting this change, I guess the explanation is simple: The enthusiasts who drove the growth of 2014-2015 have either left the market, or have turned into business pros who can analyze where they make and where they lose money, and how they can save it. And as always, savings can be made easiest on overhead, or at least on the ratio direct costs+write-offs/overheads: less people for more printers, producing more models.

At a presentation I made at RapidPro 2016 I tried to prove that systems like ours can increase customer-relation productivity by 300%, and this may have been an overstatement - although the figures still point that way, but it seems that even people who didn’t attend that event are coming to a similar conclusion. They simply are missing one piece of the puzzle: a ready-made, easy-to-install, affordable, and well-adapted tool like DigiFabster.

The alternative being designing one yourself, which is usually a year-long project, they get stuck in the RFQ treadmill, answering their emails after midnight and over the weekends, missing leads and generally not having the fun they hoped for when they started.

So it’s high time we started to spread the word more actively, and for this we would greatly appreciate the help of our current customers. Therefore we’ve set up an affiliate program. The details you can find here but basically it works like this: You send a prospect to us, he registers with your token, he gets a 50$ credit on his DigiFabster fees, you get 25% of his remaining fees during a year.

So even while winning karma kudos by saving your colleagues’ nerves and marriages, you get to share a bit of his (and our) cash flow. That can't be bad.