Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Dear friends!

We are not at all ashamed of how much we care that you are successful and efficient in your business operations, and are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make your life ever so much easier and simpler.

Hence, today we would like to draw your attention to the often (sadly) overlooked functionality inside the DigiFabster productivity suite - ‘Status Change’.

As a consumer yourself, you know how anxious and grateful you are to know where your order stands. You have paid the money already, and are now not at all enjoying guessing about the fate of the delivery, asking yourself questions like ‘Have they received payment on their end?’, or ‘Are there delays in production or is it all going according to the schedule?’, or ‘I would love to know once they ship my order already…

Well, as a business owner, you can keep your customers informed of the order progress every step of the way, without having to call them or write them emails. All you would do is go your Management Console, find the relevant order, and then just click on the ‘change status’ link in the top right hand corner and choose the appropriate option. Immediately your customers get a professional note informing them of the change in order status.

Experience shows that such seemingly insignificant details can spare you lots of time, and directly and positively affect the customer’s experience with you.

Happy printing!


The DigiFabster Team